Hi! My name is Angela Adkins and I am a 35 year old entrepreneur that values God, family, church and business (in that Order). I am the Transformation Coordinator at our church and am passionate to see people healed, delivered and living a life full of purpose, freedom, and joy. Two and a half years ago, I went back to college to pursue a degree in education. I finished my two year Associate degree in 2014, and am now working on my Bachelor degree in Education.  I also love to write, and this blog is one outlet for me to share my world with others. You can read more about why I do the blog HERE.



My amazing husband, Seth Adkins, whom I love and adore has Seth with fishbeen a source of steady love and encouragement in my life.  After 7 years of being youth/college pastors at Restoration Fellowship of Sarasota, we planted Restoration Fellowship of Bradenton in March of 2010, and together we pastor RFB along with the help of our amazing Restoration team. Together, our dream is to see individuals, families, communities, and nations restored, equipped, and released to live out their destiny in the Lord!

Seth and I have five awesome children that keep us young and make us old all at the same time!



Sydnie black and white

My oldest, Sydnie, 12, is blonde and beautiful, full of creativity, and the sweetest, kindest daughter who loves everybody alike and wants to travel the world. She also has carried a sweet love of the Lord since she was a toddler.






Sean, 10, is as bold as Sydnie is sweet. He is super intelligent and humorous, and extremely honest. He is learning how to speak the truth in love.






IMG_8128Shiloh, our 8 year old daughter, is sassy and strong, says things before thinking, is everybody’s favorite when they meet her, and has the hugest heart of compassion for people everywhere.





Arianna is a bundle of joy at 6, and loves to clean and scrub things
(I am super thankful for that!) IMG_8068and sings like a little angel. She is an aspiring gymnast and can walk but prefers to travel in cartwheels.





 IMG_8211Asher is my lil’ man at 3, and my mommy’s heart is having a hard time letting go of babyhood and admitting he is a toddler. He is a joy and brings laughter and love to everyone he meets.







I wanted to introduce you to my family as well as myself because a lot of the amazing revelation I get is because of them. I have grown leaps and bounds because I have them in my life. Seth,  as my other half is in many ways my opposite, and he helps me see things from a different perspective. My children also have taught me so much about God and life. I truly believe there is no job harder than parenting, and also no job more rewarding when the effort is made.

And last, but not least, I can’t forget the Lord Jesus Christ, the Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit who have transformed and anointed my life in so many ways, and have brought me to and through most of what I will be writing about in this blog.

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