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Intentional Health and Wellness: A Family Adventure

Our family began the adventure of finding an intentionally healthy lifestyle that could fit a family of eight both in cost and in dietary needs. Several people had recommended Whole 30 as a good way to hit the reset button on health, and as I researched it, I saw some flaws in it as a… Read more »

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Packing for your Destination: Intentional Planning Part 2

Once you know your dreams you have to pick a dream to focus on. If you didn’t get a chance to read “Choosing Your Destination: Intentional Planning Part 1” you can click here to read it before delving into this next step. It is important that you choose your destination before you pack for the destination. For… Read more »

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Choosing Your Destination: Intentional Planning Part 1

I ended my last blog asking you to think about your dreams and what motivates you in life and then asking yourself what has to happen to accomplish those dreams. If you didn’t get a chance to read “Intentional Dreaming is Fuel for Motivation” you can click here to read it before choosing your destination which… Read more »

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Intentional Dreaming is Fuel for Motivation

I don’t know about you, but I am a dreamer. I love to dream big. I am always thinking about the growth factor, whether in business, finances, personal home and family life, or spiritual areas of life. Years ago, my husband and I led a youth group that was full of dynamic young people. We… Read more »

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2017: The Year of Intentional Living

A new year brings excitement and anticipation. In general, it is a time to make goals, renew vision, and start healthy habits. So, 2017 for me brings a renewed commitment to blog consistently. Blogging helps me process the discoveries I am making about God and myself and life in general, and from what feedback I… Read more »