Obedience from a dog’s point of view

I took our golden retriever, Daisy, for a walk today and thought I would share some of the thoughts the Holy Spirit gave me on that walk. Daisy is still a pup and I’m working on training her. I really am not that great of a dog trainer. Lol! But as I was working with… Read more »

Faith versus Fear: Take the Leap

Taking God’s hand and letting Him lead is the biggest guarantee for an adventurous life! There is absolutely no room for boredom when we go with God. As Revive Florida progresses, I am seeing my family and friends coming alive with purpose and excitement. My own daughter told me tonight, “Mom, I don’t know which… Read more »

Transformed in His Glory!

I came dragging my body into church Saturday night. I was so exhausted I didn’t even want to be there. “What!? You? A pastor’s wife? You don’t want to be at church?” I can see the shock and chagrin on your face as you read this. Yes, me, a pastor’s wife. Let me tell you… Read more »

What to do with the Gospel of Opinions on Facebook

I woke up this morning at 5:30am without an alarm. It is a Sunday morning. The one morning all week that I can sleep in. The rich blessing of having church on a Saturday night is that Sunday morning is my time of R&R. But not today. Rather than getting irritated at myself for waking… Read more »

Rewards of Obedience

“Whoever despises the word brings destruction on himself, but he who reveres the commandment will be rewarded.” Proverbs 13:13 My thoughts this morning centered around the fact that whenever God gives us instruction there is always some kind of reward in following that instruction. At times we do not see the immediate reward, we only… Read more »

Why We Need the Uncomfortable Places in Our Life

  It has been awhile since I have taken the time to write. The holidays were busy with family and fun, and having five children constantly around makes my alone time minimal at best! I have had several things ruminating in my heart, for lack of better expression. The term ruminate brings vivid imagery to… Read more »

My Real Job

As a mother, I sometimes feel like my life is spent cleaning up after spills and messes. I have to remind myself that the job of a mother is not actually to clean. My job is to teach, comfort, and nurture. If all I do is pick up after my kids (and my husband and… Read more »

The Tightrope of Life

  I feel like my life resembles a tightrope walker, balancing every step while looking at impending danger each time a step is taken. Life is so many things. Life is a dance. Life is a joy. Life is hard. Life is labor. Life is fun. Life is enduring. Life is relationship. Life is beauty…. Read more »

Simple Things

I get inspired to write at the most inconvenient moments. I have been cleaning feverishly all day, organizing my Tupperware cupboard and my pots and pans, sweeping, doing laundry, and cleaning up from the birthday party we had last night. You get the picture. In less than 15 minutes I have to go pick up… Read more »