I ended my last blog asking you to think about your dreams and what motivates you in life and then asking yourself what has to happen to accomplish those dreams. If you didn’t get a chance to read “Intentional Dreaming is Fuel for Motivation” you can click here to read it before choosing your destination which is the next step in the process of seeing your dreams become reality.

For me, I have a lot of dreams because I am a natural dreamer and vision lover. So I have to decide which dream is most important to my heart and how and if the different dreams can work together. Sometimes I have to say yes to one dream in order to accomplish another. This is super tough to do. I can’t go to two destinations at the same time, but I might be able to visit two destinations in one trip if I plan correctly, depending where they are located. In the past, I have picked 20 different destinations and tried to get there all at once. You can imagine the disaster that ensues!

Let me break this analogy down. You may want to go to Hawaii and Alaska. Both in the same trip are not likely to happen unless you have a LOT of time and money. Going to California and then Hawaii is a lot more likely because California is a direct flight to Hawaii. Visiting volcanoes and the beach once in Hawaii are a good possibility for the same trip. Seeing Eskimos and going fishing are both possibilities for an Alaskan trip. But one place has to be chosen over another. Our dreams are the same way. Sometimes we have dreams that correlate with each other, and sometimes our dreams go in two different directions and can’t be accomplished in the same season.

Here are some of my dreams: I want to someday have a retreat center that brings rest and renewal and emotional healing to people who have been in leadership and are burned out. I also want to be financially debt free and see other people walk in financial freedom. One of my dreams is to be able to pay off other peoples mortgages. But first, I have to be able to pay mine off! I have a dream to see my children know what it is that motivates them, and each of them have a strong personal relationship with God, and able to face the world with boldness, courage, and confidence in who they were created to be. I have a dream to have a conference and write a book and a blog that will help bring healing to broken areas and release women into their destinies. I have a dream to own a successful company that helps other women, and that gives to missions. I also have a dream to support and help my husband fulfill his dreams and destiny.

These are just a few of my dreams in life. So, where do I start?

Or, if you have been following my last few blogs and dreaming with me, where do YOU start?

The answer is pretty simple: choose a focus. Once the dreams are laid out, look if any of them go together. Several of my dreams above involve helping women come into wholeness, so there is a common factor in those dreams. One dream may open the way for another dream. For example, owning a successful company may very well help with the dream of paying off a mortgage and might help others pay theirs off too. Unless you are Superman, or Superwoman, you won’t be able to accomplish all their dreams at once! Eventually, you have to stop dreaming and choose which dream or dreams are the most important.

Sean Blanc, author of the Focus Course, had a powerful summit that I listened to last month, and he talked about the limited focus we all have as human beings. He has some great material on time management and how to order life so one can accomplish his/her dreams. I highly recommend looking into this course on the link above if this is an area you struggle with or want to improve. Sean shares that people can only focus well on one to three main things. The rest of the “stuff” has to move to the low list of priorities. So, things like email and facebook, and laundry and dishes, and tv time, and even other dreams have to move to the back so the chosen dream can be the priority focus.

Out of that list of dreams, I ended up picking out three things to ultimately focus on in my life: My writing, my family’s health, and my home’s organization. I still have my business to run and my laundry to do and my children to train in the process, but those are the three areas I have prioritized for the year. I chose my writing because it has been constantly overlooked by mundane tasks and all of life’s demands, and several of my dreams can start to be accomplished with writing. I chose my family’s health because in order for my children to accomplish great things in life, and my husband to be all he can be as a traveling missionary, and me to have energy to put my dreams into action, we all have to have good health. I chose my home’s organization because it has been neglected so badly in the past, and when my home is running efficiently it gives room for me to work on other tasks. I can’t expect my children to do chores when nothing is running efficiently. In order for me to get beyond the tasks a family of 8 brings to me, I have to have order and organization. This is a weak area for me, so I know it is going to take direct focus for it to happen. Once my home is organized I will be able to better focus on accomplishing my dreams.

So in picking my destination, I chose Destination Family Health and Wellness, Destination Orderly home, and Destination Book and Blog.

Sometimes the things we need to choose as a vehicle to a destination are not so exciting as the destination itself. Keeping the destination in sight keeps us motivated. Once the destination is picked, we then have to pack for the destination. But that is a whole other blog…

Think about it: What destination or destinations are you choosing? What dreams do you have to put on the back burner in order to accomplish the one to three dreams that are really important right now?

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