imagesTaking God’s hand and letting Him lead is the biggest guarantee for an adventurous life! There is absolutely no room for boredom when we go with God. As Revive Florida progresses, I am seeing my family and friends coming alive with purpose and excitement.

My own daughter told me tonight, “Mom, I don’t know which I would choose: Homeschooling and traveling the world and spending all my time sharing the love of Jesus with people, or going to school and experiencing prom and homecoming and all those high school memories.” She said it like she was leaning toward the first, but couldn’t believe she was willing to give up the second. All her dreams of the next few years dimmed in comparison to the fire she felt in her heart from sharing the gospel and seeing people get hope and come alive.

As I have pondered this, I have realized that the thing that holds us back from experiencing adimages-2venture with God, is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what we are leaving, fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of letting go of control, the list goes on. How many times do we blame God for the influence and havoc that fear is wreaking in our lives?

“Why aren’t you providing, God?”

And God looks upon us, and says, “Why aren’t you obeying Me, my son, my daughter? Why have you allowed fear to separate you from your destiny? Why do you choose to trust your job, your friends, your position, your family, your savings account, your achievements, and yourself, over Me?”

What we don’t realize is that our fear is actually keeping us from seeing the Kingdom. Our fear keeps us from the miracles that faith brings. We look with longing at people who seem to be so deep in the River and we want to know why our life looks so different. Why we have lack. But those people have sacrificed everything to see the miracle. They have given up the personal dreams like my daughter has of prom and homecoming in order to see the dreams and destiny of God fulfilled in their life.

We just received another check in the mail today. If you didn’t read my last blog Major Transitions=Miraculous Provision you may want to check it out to understand the significance of a check in the mail for us right now. God is continuing to supply every need. My husband Seth and I looked at each other tonight, realizing that if he had not walked away from his job in complete faith we would never be seeing the miracles we are seeing right now. If we had allowed fear to dictate, we never would have jumped. We wouldn’t have seen our daughter light up because she had encounters with people and saw their lives changed. We wouldn’t have been able to say yes to opportunities and doors that are opening for us and for our church. We would have been stuck in a vicious cycle of worry and our destiny would have been paralyzed from

Imagine if Abraham had told God no and chose to stay in a place of comfort and not leave his father’s home. What would have he missed? What would have we missed? Sometimes our steps of faith are not for us alone, but for the future generations to come.

Where is God saying to you? “It’s time to step out. It’s time to trust me for that job. Or it’s time to quit your job. Or it’s time to talk to that person. It’s time to trust me with your kids or your husband. It’s time to stop running from your pain. It’s time to open your heart again…”

Don’t miss the amazing adventure God has for you because you are scared. Honestly, I was scared stiff when God told us Seth should quit his job. Seth was scared. It made no sense with five children and one on the way to quit the main stream of provision for us. But faith is believing in what we can’t see. It wouldn’t be faith if we saw how it was going to work out. If I would have let fear dictate, or our savings account, or any various mental exercises of fact versus faith, we would neverleap-of-faith_724_482_80 have  taken the leap, and we never would have seen the glory of God and how big He can be for us.

God can’t show us His bigness if we are still trying to prove our own capabilities and bigness. We have to move into the spot where His light can be the most brilliant in us. Whether that means sacrificing prom or giving up a promotion, whether it means faithfully doing laundry and dishes every day and never being noticed for it, whether it means standing up in front of people and giving a testimony, whatever it is, when we obey God and take the leap of faith we place ourselves in the middle of His Glory and there is nothing else that compares!

Written by angela adkins

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