As a mother, I sometimes feel like my life is spent cleaning up after spills and messes. I have to remind myself that the job of a mother is not actually to clean. My job is to teach, comfort, and nurture.
If all I do is pick up after my kids (and my husband and myself), then I am not a successful mother.

Teaching my children is using the messes they create as opportunities to teach and train them how to handle the situation. If I do a good job of helping my child take responsibility for both the achievements and the failures in their life, then I have been successful.

Comforting my children is not enabling them. It is providing a safe place for them to try, and try again. It is being there when the tears come to give a hug and encouragement that they CAN overcome, that they CAN succeed.

Nurturing my children is giving them an atmosphere where they can grow. A place of positivity and peace. A place full of light and glory. They are like little plants that will wilt in the dark. Bring them out to the sunshine and let a little rain fall on them, and keep the environment protected enough that they won’t be destroyed, and they will flourish and grow.

It is my responsibility to help my children grow and flourish and take personal responsibility for what they do. I do not give that responsibility to their teachers or their peers, it is mine. Although many others in their life can reinforce or tear apart what I do, nothing anyone else says or does should compromise the choices I make to keep them safe and help them grow. They are the most precious treasures I have been given, and if I get too busy cleaning up after them, I will forget to do my real job of teaching, comforting, and nourishing them.



Imagine what it would be like
If everyone took responsibility
For their own crimes, their own mistakes

Imagine what it would be like
If there was no victim and no blame
If everyone lived without a sense of entitlement

Imagine what it would be like
If the same person that spilled the milk
Also cleaned up the milk

Imagine what it would be like
If the person who forgot to roll up the toothpaste tube
Went back and rolled it up without being told.

Imagine what it would be like
If the thief confessed his sin to the one he stole from
And returned all that he had removed.

Imagine what it would be like
To have employees and employers alike
Who worked with diligence and lived

Responsible to the world for their actions
Whether good or bad
Imagine what it would be like.

– Angela Adkins


Written by angela adkins

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