I came dragging my body into church Saturday night. I was so exhausted I didn’t even want to be there.

“What!? You? A pastor’s wife? You don’t want to be at church?”

I can see the shock and chagrin on your face as you read this. Yes, me, a pastor’s wife. Let me tell you a couple things about me…and then you can judge if you want to. I love the Church. Not the building, but the people. I love to worship. And I love Jesus, thI love Father God, and I love the Holy Spirit more than words can say. It is one of my favorite things to be in a place where I can put everything aside and just worship the Lord and listen to His voice.

But last night I was supremely worn out. My week consisted of school shopping for five kids, taking my oldest daughter to camp and picking her up (which also meant I had less help all week), cleaning a house on Tuesday, two houses on Thursday, one house on Friday, and two houses Saturday. In the midst of that, I was still trying to clean our our own house and do laundry. I had gymnastic meetings(for my 6 year old), volleyball parent meetings(for my oldest), and 6th grade orientation meetings(for my son). I was busy getting my little three year old enrolled in daycare/preschool, dealing with a broken pool filter, a broken fridge, and finally flat tires right before the service on Saturday night.

I walked into my home Saturday afternoon after leaving it early in the morning to clean houses, and was greeted with a mess. My feet were tired but somehow I made it into the shower wishing I had more energy to give to my kids. We left the dirty house like it was, piled into my messy Sequoia, and headed to the service. I was praying all the while that I could just make it through.

prayer-on-my-knees4After countless times of correcting my children and asking them to be still during worship, I finally turned my attention fully on the Lord. As I was telling the Lord how great He is, His Presence began to wash over my weary body and I heard His voice speaking gently to me, breaking my heart with His love. I have come to know Him well enough to know that He loves me in my mess, and He would never turn me away no matter what state I come to Him in.

But last night, He told me, “I am so delighted in you, that you came to be with Me. You have made me priority and have committed to get here no matter what.” I wish I could better describe the feeling, but it was like wave upon wave of His love crashed over me and I wept as He began to refresh me. I realized I did come for Him. I came to church because He is SO important to me, because He has asked me to fellowship with other believers, because corporate worship is so vital to our spiritual health. I came because I LOVE HIM…because He first LOVED me. I came despite the obstacles. I came even though I was tired. I came even though I worked all day. I came even though life was stressing me out. I came because I love Him and time with Him is worth any cost. God has changed my life, and He continues to transform me, glory to glory!!! Every day with Him is better than a thousand somewhere else!th-1

So, my question to you today, dear blog reader, is have you made Him priority? Have you made His priorities your own? When is the last time you were in fellowship with other believers, worshiping Him just because He is worthy? No agenda, no place to be. It’s time we push through every obstacle, and say yes to Him. If you haven’t been in church with other believers for awhile, it might be time to get yourself there. It’s worth the sacrifice!

Written by angela adkins

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