It has been awhile since I have taken the time to write. The holidays were busy with family and fun, and having five children constantly around makes my alone time minimal at best! I have had several things ruminating in my heart, for lack of better expression.

The term ruminate brings vivid imagery to me of my childhood and my dad explaining to me how a cow digests its food in it’s four stomach compartments. The description is a bit gross, but the cow actually regurgitates its food back and forth between the stomachs until it is well digested. My dad, being the amazing teacher that he was, always brought spiritual analogies to the physical lessons. For this particular lesson, he explained how meditating on a revelation God gives us is muchID-100102841 like a cow’s rumination. The revelation needs to be “regurgitated” so to speak, until a full understanding of what God is saying or “feeding” us is received.

That being said, the last month of not blogging has been just that, a rumination in my spirit of some of the things God has been sharing with me. In January, I began a 21 day partial fast/cleanse along with our church and severalID-100218357 other churches in the community. The first few days were difficult as my body withdrew from the continual stream of sugar and caffeine I had been feeding it. The fast consists of no meats, no sweets, and no bread, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to give up caffeine as well. This has been no easy task, and my flesh has at times screamed, begged, and coerced me to break down and give it something for comfort.

Seven days into the fast however, I noticed my skin feeling clearer, my energy being much more stable, and my sensitivity to the Holy Spirit increasing as well as my desire to read the Bible. Every time I feel discomfort or a craving, I have been using that to go to God and ask for His comfort. It is amazing how much God will do for us, if we stop going to other things.

Although I have many more things to share, what I want to leave with you today is that God can heal, God can comfort, God can deliver, God can release destiny, God can provide for all of your needs, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Not only can He do those things, He is WILLING and WANTS to do those things for us. He actually allows us to come to the uncomfortable place to show us that there is something better and to create a desire for that better thing.

prayer-on-my-knees4I am realizing that often we do not see freedom or the miracle we need because rather than bringing our pain and discomfort in our lives to Him, we try to medicate it with food, caffeine, alcohol, addiction, technology, denial, and other such things. Then we turn around and say “God, why aren’t you fixing this thing? Why don’t you care?!” It is  easier to blame God for our sin and coping mechanisms, than it is to come to him as we are and repent for our waywardness and for going to other “idols” for false comfort.

My challenge to you is to take time today to examine what uncomfortable place you may be trying to hide from others or avoid yourself, and rather than avoiding, medicating, or hiding that place, choose to trust that God is good and merciful and kind, and bring Him that thing in openness and transparency, repent, and let Him touch you in that place.  Even His correction comes in love and in gentleness if you will align yourself to receive from Him.  There is nothing to fear and there is nothing too big that He cannot fix or overcome!

Written by angela adkins

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